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Day Five….New Secret Message Morse Code Pearls

More pearls today. Bit of a surprise that! I had an idea for the secret message Morse code pearls in the middle of the night – what a fabulous way to propose? Secret message ‘please marry me’ (it might have to be ‘will you marry me?’). I can’t work out the dot dash final length away from my workbench. A bit soppy romantic, but also, a permanent reminder of the question.

So I sourced white lengthways drilled metallic stick pearls for the dashes and AAA metallic rounds 7mm for the dots.

What do you want to say?

Otherwise I found some really special and unusual pearls which will  become part of the Essence Collection in due time.

;Lovely evening with the pearl goddess Betty Sue King plus with Kathleen B – new to pearl wholesale offices and in a bit of pearl shock!