Monthly Archives: May 2019

This is going to be a running thread featuring makes by our customers

Charlotte’s Medley Strand

This is what someone with the talent for it and the design eye can make with some of those left over pearls which sit at the bottom of the pearl box looking reprovingly at you for years. We’re calling it a medley strand. Or you could call it a tutti-fruiti rope

Charlotte used vintage baroque akoyas (from a swedish antique store),small white ripples (from us..yay!), baroque golden slightly green south seas, pink and green big ripples, pale pink freshwaters and copper off-round, peach and white freshwater keshi, peacock circled tahitians, grey and blue tahitian drops (some of these from us), blue and silver baroque akoyas (from us Yay again!) and baroque white south sea pearls.

medley strand

We’re all agreed that if we tried this it would look like left over pearls strung together!