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Day +One. Buying Pearls is the Easy Part. Now the Work Starts!

Okay, so yes, it is demanding and by the end of the day you feel drained, with eyes which are going round and round like in a comedy cartoon but buying pearls really is the easy part. Ish.

By that I mean that if you have money you can very easily buy pearls. However now I’m back here I’m constantly thinking ‘oh, wish I had bought them’ I’d probably be thinking that if I went to Hong Kong once a month and had £1m to spend each time however.

I’m trying hard not to sound whiney and complaining here, but today, first day properly back at the pearlface I have a large table covered with all manner of pearls which are waiting to be sorted out, identified, catalogued, priced up, photographed, uploaded and then hopefully pounced on by our lovely customers (or add in the stages of making up into jewellery – design, maybe drilling, stringing, wire wrapping, setting, silver or gold smithing, hallmarking….)

Today, for example, before I even start on that routine I have lined up and waiting for me: one south sea station necklace; half drill a huge perfect white edison pearl; make a necklace and earrings. The others will be starting the sorting, firing up the camera for new shots of stock which had run out and is now replenished (eg 4mm round white strands) and doing the orders which have come in in the last 24 hours.

Better get started …where are those new gold south seas…?