Hong Kong 2016: day 2

Today was an equally intense pearl sorting day. Working through bags of great pearls to find the few which are amazingly amazing takes time and concentration. Time I have but I’ve never been super great at concentration.

freshwater natural colour ellipticals or rice pearls

Some great colours going on here with these elliptical freshwaters

However….the latest natural colour single loose pearls from my favourite supplier were stunning enough to keep me sitting there all day. For the last couple of years or so there has been a dearth of really top quality single natural colour pearls. There were plenty of AAA grade pearls certainly….but few metallics and mostly washed out and pallid peaches. I don’t think I bought any.

Fabulous natural colour metallic rounds

Fabulous natural colour metallic rounds

But..as this photo shows…I found a colour and lustre explosion in various sizes of rounds and drops. I have no qualms whatsoever in having cleaned out that particular supplier. They still had some pretty good AAAs. Just not the bestest. Even the supplier was saying ‘ wow…so pretty!’

freshwater metallic natural colours

Pairs. multi natural colours and metallic

And,when,at the end of a very long day I popped into another top supplier’s office to see she hadn’t got anything comparable…well..smug mode