Oval/elliptical shaped pearls. Considerably cheaper than round pearls.

Rice or elliptical pearls. Can also be drop/drip shape

Rice Crispie pearls

Chinese freshwater pearls were originally grown in the Cristaria plicata (cockscomb pearl mussel) and resembled rice crispies.

Typical rice crispie pearls


Ancient romans loved their pearls and pearl jewellery has been found in excavations. A pearl dealer was called a margaritarius

The marker for one pearl dealer, Gaius Ateilius Euhodus, is still standing just outside Rome.

Tombstone marker for Gaius Ateilius, margaritarius

Rosebud see popcorn


The more perfectly round a pearl is, the more valuable. A good quick way to assess roundness is to gently roll a strand of pearls. Irregularities will show easily to the eye

Loose undrilled white round freshwater tissue nucleated all nacre pearls